Forever a work in progress. Whoever Táriel meets and talks to I shall put here. If anyone wishes to have an existing friendship / rivalry / romance? with her than please message me! I quite like plotting >D


  • Táriel has been introduced to love by Jolich after gaining a brotherly affection from him and has then since opened her up more. She still finds love to be a terrifying concept and still has her doubts, but perhaps in time she can finally understand its’ meaning.
  • Fabian Arenae - Táriel knows he’s important to her and wants to make him happy as possible. She has never cared for someone so much and despite her fears, she is glad she ran after him when he tried to leave and is more than thankful for him to remain in her life.


  • Meeran - It came as a surprise that a human of all things took her in and gave her a life and not as a slave. She owes everything to him and will remain loyal to the Red Iron. She trusts the man with almost everything, but even he is still a mercenary, and can thus be tricky. Still, she respects and admires him and is thankful he was around to pick her off the streets.
  • Fenris - A fellow elf whom shares scaringly similar views on many topics. They both have a love of wine and that paired with their tainted pasts and experiences with oppression was a basis for a friendship. Táriel finds herself showing care for the former slave and wants to be able to reach a point where she can feel safe with trusting him. He makes her curious and she wishes to be closer to him. They may have argued, but Táriel refuses to turn her back on him.
  • Sernea Aeducan - Dwarven women are ever so amusing with their ale. Táriel likes her and her humorous rage. Someone she would like to get to know better. The woman also tends to compliment Táriel quite a lot, and she finds the dwarf to be rather pleasant.
  • Vinaya Cousland - The two finally got it into the open as to why the hatred existed but during this time Táriel found out some awful news. It made her re-think her views on Vinaya and now they are on better terms after starting over.
  • Garrett Hawke - There was initial dislike due to him being a blood mage and it immediately put her off. However, he seems to use it to protect those he cares for most. Táriel also finds him to be quite amusing to watch. Although she may dislike his ways as a mage, he isn’t a bad person.
  • Carver Hawke - Carver can get a lot further when he treats Táriel like a normal person and not just another woman to be charmed. She prefers it when they just have normal conversations and when he stops trying to charm her. She is still friends with him but she can’t keep looking bast his reckless behaviour. She hates how he’s just given up on everything.
  • Jolich Mahariel - Having believed Jolich to be dead but then him returning has caused the two to be on better terms. Jolich apologised for what he did and the two became friends.


  • Neve Surana - A mage Jolich asked her to protect when Templars came after her. Táriel used wine to relax the girl and distract her from all the blood at Jolich’s home and it sparked a conversation between the two. They share similar views on slavery and racial equality and it is likely that the two will become friends.


  • Anders - Well he blew up the Chantry and made everything worse for mages. Mages can be wondrous people, but Anders has slandered their name. She hates how he got so insane and she has no trust or liking for him what so ever.


  • Share her views against slavers and the use of elves as slaves
  • Make her laugh
  • Casual flirting
  • Don’t ask too many questions about her past
  • Join her for drinks at The Hanged Man / her home
  • Tell her stories of interest


  • If you’re a mage who turns to Blood Magic. ( She has nothing against mages until they get power hungry or just go plain mad… )
  • Approve of slavery
  • If you’re a stuck up, power abusing noble
  • Act superior to her too often / attempt to make her feel inferior
  • Push her to talk about her past
  • Make ignorant insults
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